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September 22, 2014



Homecoming Formal


Students in grades 10-12 attended the second-ever Homecoming Formal dance in Taper Gym Sept. 20. Semi-formal attire and limos were allowed. The dance included a DJ, snacks and a free photo booth.


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  • Commons sums up mission in 26 words

  • The new mission statement emphasizes the importance of “joyful” learning in addition to academic excellence.

    President Rick Commons spoke about the statement at Opening Convocation on Tuesday. He first announced it Aug. 26 at the opening faculty and staff meeting and on the school website.

  • Neighbors post signs protesting construction

  • Opponents to construction of a parking lot and bridge adjacent to the Upper School placed signs on the lawns of neighboring homes in early July. The signs were created by Save Coldwater Canyon!, a non-profit organization of neighbors formed to stop the school from breaking ground across Coldwater Canyon Drive.

  • All-school meetings to replace Civitalks

  • Upper school students will gather in the gym during 20-minute-long breaks on the first and third Wednesdays of each month as a new form of community building, Assistant to the Head of Upper School and Community and Character Committee member Michelle Bracken said. The committee, formerly known as the Character Education Committee, has discontinued Civitalks.

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Watching the news unfold


Members of the school community visited Israel during a summer of violence

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Maddie Oswald '15 reaches to keep the ball in control as she runs towards the goal. Oswald had two goals during the match against Fountain Valley High School which resulted in a 2-0 victory.

Wolverines push through heat to defeat Fountain Valley



After the field hockey game today was moved from 3:15 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., the Wolverines came out with a win in their third game this season. When the game did eventually start, the girls’ field hockey team shut out Fountain Valley High School by a final score of 4-0, with a goal from Caitlin Neapole ’16 and JJ Spitz ’15, as well as two goals by Maddie Oswald ’15.




September issue

A step in the right direction

In the condensed new mission statement, the most significant change lies in the phrase, “the joyful pursuit of educational excellence.” It acknowledges the emotional aspect of learning, reminding the community that academics are about more than just tests and GPAs. While the new statement retains the school’s focus on excellence, its tone is kinder and gentler. We don’t just want students to be smart, but happy and healthy too.

Nikta Mansouri

Think mind over matter


On my first day of seventh grade in 2009, I nervously walked into the Saperstein Theatre for the first time. Surrounded by my new classmates, I was greeted with a projection of the school’s motto: They can because they think they can….

Marcella Park

Getting the bigger picture


The Dude abides.

That’s probably the most important thing I learned during break, but the Dude probably doesn’t care how high he ranks on my list of summer lessons.

Aimee Misaki

A home away from home


I don’t mean to offend anyone, but my junior year was better than yours. I spent it at School Year Abroad in Rennes, France. If you enjoy meeting new people, experiencing freedom and gaining a more open perspective of the world, then you’ll like SYA.



Of 389 students polled in a Chronicle survey, 65 percent use online reading aids like SparkNotes and Schmoop, both of which provide chapter summaries for books commonly read in English classes as well as analysis.


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